Who's to say where the wind will take you?

Who's to say what it is will break you?

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the edge
yoinked from jamsters

Okay, it gets pretty complicated, so be sure to read the directions carefully:

1. Comment here, and i'll tell you one particular thing that I like about you.

2. Then post it yourself and spread the love.

Sad George
i know i could not do my dad's job. his job really put things in perspective. last night he went to a car explosion where 3 people died after they suffered extreme burns and another indivdiaul was sent to sunybrook trama centre. you could tell he was shaken a bit when he got home this morning. i could not do what my dad does. just knowing what he say last night sends chills up my spin. it was on the news today, and i am watching it on thr 6 oclock news, you couldn't even tell they were cars anymore...it is terrible. but he goes back to work again tonight....so yeah a little blood that joe and i treated yesturday is trully small pototos, it is not life and death...

friends only
the edge
Okay, so i decided to make my journal friends only.
like the picture says, add a comment and i will add you so you can read about my life :)

thanks to Darlabear Graphics (darlabear) for the banner :)


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